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At Hills District Dentist we offer Teeth Whitening Gel treatment to brighten your smile…
The Whitening Gel procedure is a fast and pain free procedure that can be performed in-office or at home.

In-office Whitening treatment…
Whitening Gel has the active ingredient carbamide peroxide which is used to penetrate and remove discolouration from the tooth’s surface. The whitening gel is applied and activated by a blue light in a series of 3-4 fifteen-minute cycles. Teeth can reach anywhere between six to eight shades lighter in just one treatment.

Take home treatment…
To use a Whitening Gel treatment at home, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and use it to formulate your custom-fitted trays. You can then apply the Whitening Gel to your trays and wear them for up to 8 hours, either during the day or during your sleep. After only 3 nights you will notice your teeth will become shades lighter.

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A Dental Implant is the most natural appearing and functional alternative to replace a missing tooth.
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made from medical grade titanium that is surgically placed under the gum line, allowing it to bond naturally into the jawbone.
This screw acts as an abutment (support) for a crown, bridge to be placed upon and functions and appears as a natural tooth.

Prevent further tooth and bone loss
It is important to replace a missing tooth to prevent deterioration of the bone, which can lead to shifts of the teeth and structural changes.

Advantages of Implants
One of the key advantages of dental implants, compared to bridges is that they are freestanding and hold their place with the support of their own anchor without involving the adjacent teeth at all.


At Hills District Dentist, we place a large emphasis on the overall health and wellbeing of our patients, not just their dental health.
Modern dentistry can offer you a vast range of options so that your smile is both healthy and also attractive. With new developments in dental medicine, treatments can be conducted with little to no associated pain.

Modern restorations
There is more to a beautiful smile than white teeth. Healthy gums and no unsightly mercury/metal fillings contribute to the total presentation of your smile.

A full oral check-up
From routine oral hygiene examinations, professional cleaning and comprehensive proactive treatment, to joint pain relief and the brilliance of cosmetic dentistry, we can help you enjoy a natural, healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

Contact us to discover how our general and cosmetic dentistry procedures can help you become healthier and feel confident about the appearance of your smile!